300 Volunteers Assist Hii King Chiong For State Election

18.04.2016--The supplies have arrived, get ready for the battle! Barisan Nasional (BN) Pujut Election Operation Centre of direct BN candidate for Pujut Dato Hii King Chiong has fully started its operations.

More than 300 Majulah Miri team members had participated in the preparations at the operation centre and hoped to complete all preparatory works as soon as possible.

According to operation director Ling Kie King, most of the election campaign items were still in the process of making. He added that operation staff members had been wearing Majulah Miri shirts and T-shirts printed with BN logo would only be officially launched after nomination day.

Home visiting teams have been giving tissue paper packets with two different cover designs as free gifts to the people during home visits. The covers of tissue paper packets were printed with the image of Dato Hii King Chiong and his service philosophy.

Built with six containers, the operation centre was full of campaign banners and posters.

Hii also thoughtfully set up two kitchens at the back of the operation centre for the preparation of meals for Chinese and Bumiputera operation staff members.