Fierce Battle In N74 Pujut Constituency , Hii King Chiong Confronts Two Parties & An Independent Candidate

25.04.2016--Candidates were officially nominated for 11th Sarawak State Election and N74 Pujut constituency was landed in a fierce battle, where Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, Dato Hii King Chiong was encircled by Democratic Action Party (DAP), Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) and an independent candidate.

On the day of nomination, the hot weather did not stop the procession of each team. Together with their supporters, the candidates from respective parties headed towards the nomination centre at Kampung Sukan Miri.

With 3,000 supporters Hii went to the nomination centre on foot for their rally, forming a sea of blue, whereas PAS commissioner, Jofri Jaraiee walked towards the entrance with the members of PAS while reciting Qur’an.

By chance Jaraiee and Hii reached the nomination centre at the same time from different directions. It was a spectacular moment when the supporters from both parties were roaring their support at the entrance.

Accompanied by respective proposers and seconders, Hii took the lead to submit his nomination form at 8.50am, followed by Jaraiee at 8.52am.

The candidate from DAP, Dr. Ting Tiong Choon came to the nomination centre radiantly with his supporters. They shouted their slogan, drawing the attention from the BN’s supporters who outnumbered them.

Dr. Ting, together with his proposer and seconder, waved at the BN’s supporters positively despite being hooted and arrived at the centre at 9.00am sharp to submit his nomination form.

The independent candidate, Fong Poh Teck arrived at 9.01am for the nomination with his proposer, seconder and supporters.

At 11.58am the election officer announced that no party was disqualified. The nomination was then concluded without commotion.

The intense battle in N74 Pujut constituency has grabbed the attention of voters. Will BN successfully regain the seat? We will have to wait and see.