Hii King Chiong : Anyone Can Seek For My Assistance Irrespective Of Religions

19.02.2016--Majulah Miri founder  and United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau chairman Dato Hii King Chiong said even though he is a Christian, he would never turn down requests for help from other religions.

Hii said this today at the association gathering organised by Miri Islamic Welfare Association (Amal).

He perceived all religions as the same at core with good teachings and therefore should be supported and cared for.

He emphasised that he will always put people first and do his best to solve the problems of the people through either Majulah Miri or UPP.

“Our service philosophy is very simple. Wherever there is a need, we will be there.” Anyone who has problems can seek their assistance.

During the gathering, Hii promised Amal to help in the laying of gravel stones on the new road.

Besides providing services to religious council, welfare and charity units, Amal is also the residents’ committee of Piasau Jaya and Miri branch of Muslim Welfare Organisation Malaysia.

There was no road access at the front and back of the Wisma Amal building. Therefore, Amal hoped Hii would help to lay gravel stones on the road leading to the entrance of the building for convenient vehicle access.