Hii King Chiong Appeals For Support : Please Give Me Five Years To Make A Difference

02.05.2016--Direct Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for N74 Pujut Dato Hii King Chiong has appealed for full support of over 26,000 voters and pledged to bring changes and development to Pujut and Krokop. “Please give me five years and I will make a difference!”

Hii said if he gets elected in this state election, he will do his best to improve the livelihood of the people so that the people can enjoy a better quality of life. He made the statements in his speech today during a meet-the-people session organised by United Bumiputera Heritage Party or Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Pujut Branch.

Hii said he was grateful to be selected as direct BN candidate for Pujut and be part of “Team Adenan”. He pledged to continue fighting for the people’s rights and interests.

He added, his service centre had always been serving the people regardless of race, religion and location. He emphasised that the people wanted stability and prosperity.

Five years ago, he set up Hii King Chiong Service Centre at three different locations. Hii said the service centres would continue to help solve the problems of the people. He also promised to bring more development to Pujut constituency, improve basic infrastructure and strengthen security measures in the area.

Hii pledged to work hard and appealed to voters to witness his effort. He also urged the people to seek his help if faced with difficulties. He emphasised that every vote will be important and hoped voters will vote for him, for “Team Adenan”.