Hii King Chiong Calls For Peace Among Wireless Walk Traders

03.03.2016--Miri United Hawkers Association honorary life advisor Dato Hii King Chiong played the role of a peacemaker to resolve problems among Wireless Walk traders.

Hii invited Miri Mayor Lawrence Lai and led a meeting between traders at Wireless Walk of North Yu Seng Road yesterday to resolve their problems.

During the meeting, Hii pointed out that traders must be united and avoid disputes because everyone living on the same piece of land is like one big family.

“We live together like a family. Love each other without distinction as to race.”

Traders saw business opportunities from the proposed Wireless Walk project and competed for trading rights which resulted in disputes over allocation of stalls.

Hii advised everyone not to fight over small issues for the sake of doing business. He also promised to sponsor canopy stalls for the traders.

Hii stressed that Malaysia is a multiracial country where all races should do businesses together to promote our rich cultural heritage as well as racial unity and harmony to attract foreign tourists.

Among those present at the meeting were Miri United Hawkers Association honorary life advisor Dato Hii King Chiong, Miri Mayor Lawrence Lai, councillor Siew Tick Chai, stall owners and representatives of traders at Wireless Walk as well as representatives of four relevant non-governmental organisations being Bumiputera Chamber of Entrepreneurs (DUBS) Miri, Bumiputera Traders Association (PBMS) of Miri, Malaysian Islamic Propagation and Welfare Organisation (PEKIDA) Miri and Badan Amal Tarbiah Aman Sejagat (BATAS).

The meeting was a simple negotiation dialogue and final agreement would require in-depth discussion and study.