Hii King Chiong Calls On Society To Appreciate Pensioners

02.08.2015--United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau chairman Dato Hii King Chiong said that pensioners are heroes of nation building with vast knowledge and experience and hence should not be neglected by the society.

Hii was speaking to the media at a Hari Raya Aidilfitri gathering organised by Sarawak Government Pensioners Association (PPKS) Miri branch at PPKS office in Piasau yesterday. He said that pensioners have made contributions to the society and country and he was upset on the poor condition of the association’s office which had been neglected for some 14 years.

He called on elected representatives and younger generations to show care and provide assistance to the pensioners because we would not be here without their hard work of the past.

He thanked PPKS for trusting and giving the opportunity to Majulah Miri and UPP to repair the office and serve the people.

Hii emphasised that Majulah Miri will always do its best to serve the people in need regardless of location.

Majulah Miri has always been doing social work and helping the needy. With the support of Majulah Miri, PPKS Miri branch was able to organise Raya open house this year.

Hii expressed relief that the association office had been repaired and is ready for use again, of which Majulah Miri derived great satisfaction. He hoped elected representatives will take notice of such social group in need at all times rather than showing up only after the problems were solved.

Majulah Miri had contributed RM20,000 in financial aid to help improve basic facilities, change the ceiling and repair the roof of the association office last May.

At the request of PPKS, Hii also promised to donate an air-conditioner and office furniture. PPKS branch chairman Dennin Fredericks hoped for support from the community to contribute karaoke set and other facilities for the purpose of members’ events and recreation.

Dennin said the association has about 400 members from Miri, Bekenu, Niah and Marudi and targets to attract 1,000 members in the near future.