Hii King Chiong Cares For SK Miri, Donates Refrigerator & Two Printers

14.09.2015--Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong today donated a refrigerator and two printers to SK Miri.

SK Miri headmaster Chundi Manan pointed out that the school made requests to the relevant authority but to no avail. Thus, they had sought assistance from Majulah Miri.

Hii said he will consider the school’s request for eight air conditioners in the teachers’ lounge. Pertaining to the school’s request on garden landscaping, he suggested that application letter to Public Works Department (JKR) be handed over to Majulah Miri and he will follow up the matter closely.

SK Miri has about 500 students including kindergarten students. Once the facilities are upgraded, the teachers and students can enjoy a better learning environment.