Hii King Chiong To Contest Pujut Seat, Fully Focuses On Pujut Issues

18.04.2016--With the official launching of Barisan Nasional (BN) Pujut Election Operation Centre, more than 300 Majulah Miri team members had volunteered to participate in the preparations to fully assist direct BN candidate for Pujut Dato Hii King Chiong.

Operation director Ling Kie King told the media that even before the official launching of BN Pujut Election Operation Centre, many people had known about the setting up of the operation centre and come to seek help on various problems.

He said that apart from seeking assistance, many people had also come to ask about their constituencies and polling stations.

Ling pointed out that Dato Hii King Chiong had been serving the people in Miri all the while and following the announcement of Hii as direct BN candidate for Pujut, the number of people seeking assistance and volume of service works had also significantly increased.

He said that seven home visiting teams had started doing home visits since yesterday. Apart from gathering information regarding problems of the people, they also assisted the voters to check their constituencies and polling stations.

Ling added that Hii had been providing service all over Miri but since the chief minister had nominated him to contest in Pujut constituency, Hii would now fully focus on the interests of the people and development in the area in order to serve the people more efficiently.

Hii has never discriminated in helping everyone who sought his assistance, has always done his best and pledged to continue serving the people.