Hii King Chiong Donates To Ashraf Ikhwan For Spinal Implant Surgery

19.02.2016--United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau chairman and Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong appealed to the community for donations to Ashraf Ikhwan for his spinal implant operations.

Hii said this to the media today after presenting donation of RM12,500 to Ashraf for the first of his six spinal implant operations.

SK Sayed Othman Primary 4 pupil Ashraf Ikhwan suffered from scoliosis since two years ago. His condition got worse and had to depend on a wheelchair to go around. Medical examination confirmed Ashraf has severe spinal curvature and needs to undergo six spinal implant operations which would involve expensive surgery costs.

A school teacher earlier requested Hii to help Ashraf and Hii immediately promised to assist. Hii today fulfilled his promise as he handed over the donation to the pupil’s father.

The health department sent a letter on September 30 last year and has agreed to allocate RM12,500 as medical assistance for Ashraf’s operation. The funding has not yet been received so Hii’s donation would be used for Ashraf’s first operation. Anyone who wishes to donate can find out more details from the school.

Ashraf’s father Iswandy Japar thanked Hii and the school for their help. He said Ashraf will go to Kuching on April 7 for the surgery.