Hii King Chiong Is Grateful To The State Government For Building Ghusl Room & Multipurpose Court

26.07.2015--Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong thanked the State Government on behalf of residents of Kampung Lopeng Tengah for its assistance in building a ghusl room at Surau Darul At-Taqwa which had been requested for more than 15 years and a multipurpose court which had been requested for more than 20 years.

Hii was speaking to the media during a visit to the newly built ghusl room and multipurpose court today following kind invitation of the local residents.

Kampung Lopeng Tengah resident Azizul told the reporters that the local residents conveyed their wishes to Hii during a gathering on March 31, 2015 which quickly caught the attention of the State Government and construction work commenced shortly thereafter.

He was very grateful to Hii for striving after construction of the ghusl room and multipurpose court.

Hii also handed over RM10,000 to villagers as fund to organise a sepak takraw competition.

The residents hoped Majulah Miri will further assist to improve the drainage system at Kampung Lopeng Tengah to facilitate proper discharge of water after washing the deceased’s body at the ghusl room at Surau Darul At-Taqwa.

Hii requested councillor Bruce Chai and councillor Keith Chin to refer the issue to the city council in order to help solve the problem as soon as possible.

In addition, Hii handed over RM2,000 to Kampung Lopeng Tengah Women’s Committee and RM1,500 to Surau Darul At-Taqwa as fund to purchase cooking utensils, equipment and canopy.

The local residents also requested Hii to help apply for supply of natural gas to Kampung Lopeng Tengah for the convenience of the residents.

Hii said that he will do his best to improve the basic infrastructure and living environment of the people.