Hii King Chiong To Help Appeal For Fund To Upgrade Drainage System At SMK Lutong

14.09.2015--Pertaining to drainage upgrading work at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Lutong, The Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) divisional engineer (Miri and Bintulu) Law Wee said that DID will estimate the project cost and Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong will appeal for the construction fund.

Law pointed out that the accumulation of mud in the drains and serious subsidence of the underground drains had hindered the movement of water out to the sea.

He said that the clearing of mud would be done from sea mouth to the drains around the school to enable smooth flow of water. In addition, the underground drains would also be upgraded.