Hii King Chiong : I Aim To Protect The Interests Of Sarawak And I’m Not A Sore Loser!

21.06.2016--Pertaining to the dual citizenship claim against Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Choon, direct Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Dato Hii King Chiong expressed regret over Ting’s statement saying that he was not willing to accept the verdict of Pujut constituents. He clarified that he fully respected and accepted the election result but fought to protect the interests of the people of Sarawak and would therefore leave it to legal procedure to find out the truth.

Hii emphasised that he filed the election petition fundamentally for the interests of the state rather than for personal gain as the issue involved judicial matter and Sarawak Constitution.

Hii is a leader who does not fear to stand up for truth and was of the opinion that Ting should also bravely come out to clarify the truth if he is to genuinely represent and serve the people.

In his opinion, the people of Sarawak especially Pujut voters have the right to know the representative whom they have voted, whether he acts in accordance with the laws and pledges allegiance to Sarawak and Malaysia.

Hii said he boldly brought the matter to court because he felt it was his responsibility to protect the interests of the people and Sarawak rather than having acted like a sore loser. He explained that a good citizen must respect law and order as well as uphold the value of justice and fair play.

As for the dual citizenship issue, he would leave it to the police to investigate the truth.