Hii King Chiong : It Does Not Matter Who Provides Assistance, Most Importantly People’s Problems Are Solved

10.04.2015--After Majulah Miri made the visit and showed their concern on the request of Kampung Lopeng Tengah villagers for a ‘ghusl room’ at Surau Darul At-Taqwa, the matter finally received the attention of the elected representative. Dato Hii King Chiong was relieved and hoped that the construction work will commence as soon as possible to ease the difficulties of the villagers.

Hii said it before that it does not matter where the assistance comes from because solving problems of the people is the main concern. Majulah Miri is certainly grateful that the Government has taken up the matter seriously because after all it is the responsibility of elected representatives to serve the people.

“If it wasn’t for the villagers to approach and seek assistance from Majulah Miri, I would not have visited them to understand the real situation. What is really unexpected and rare is that immediately after the news release, the matter caught the attention of the minister.”

Nevertheless, Hii hoped that elected representatives can take the initiative to step up their interaction with the people especially those living in poverty and facing livelihood problems rather than take actions only after news releases.

“I was confused and troubled when villagers came seeking my assistance that day. I thought that the elected representative had neglected the people. On seeing the elected representative crying for innocence, then only I got the whole picture.”

Hii is grateful that the villagers sought help from his community service centre as it shows that Majulah Miri has effectively permeated into the people’s hearts and is one of the main channels where people can make their problems heard.

As the saying goes, “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.” The effort of one single person or one single team is never enough to solve scores of livelihood problems of the people accumulated since decades ago. Therefore, he sincerely hoped that all relevant parties can work together to serve the people.

He pointed out that it is always the philosophy of Majulah Miri to serve the people without claiming any credit or expecting anything in return. Majulah Miri’s satisfaction comes from solving the problems and difficulties of the people for a happy society.

In addition, Hii also hoped that the Government will grant the earlier request from the villagers to Majulah Miri to build a multipurpose court in Kampung Lopeng Tengah.

He explained that sepak takraw is very popular in the area and the existing court is unsafe as it is too close to the road. The villagers wished for a new multipurpose court on a safer location where they can play sports and other physical activities.

Hii hoped that this request (which is similar to the case of Jalan 88 Off Jalan Riam that involved private land) will not be in vain. If it is not possible to get government funding, the minister should seek the cooperation of the area’s landlord and at the same time try to raise funds for the construction.

Meanwhile, Hii did not wish to comment further on who really solved the problem regarding registration card errors of 10 executive taxis. He merely said that it does not really matter to him and the elected representative can have the final say. “It doesn’t matter who solved the problem. The important thing is that the problem was already solved. If every single matter needs clarification or special announcement, then you (the reporters) must be really, really busy.”

Hii emphasised that one should never expect anything in return from giving assistance to others. The visit by members of Miri Executive Taxi Association to thank and appoint him as honorary advisor said it all. How others see it is not important, the beneficiaries know it best and there is nothing more to say.