Hii King Chiong : Majulah Miri Is Always Ready To Assist People In Need

11.04.2015--Community service centre Majulah Miri is always ready to assist people in need to the best of its ability.

Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong today handed over five units of bicycles to Taman RBA Lutong Baru Neighbourhood Watch (RT).

Hii was very pleased to see private organisations in Miri giving assistance to those in need to help solve community problems in various aspects. He pledged to provide assistance to anyone, anywhere that needs his service team.

He went on to say that there are still many people who need help and Majulah Miri will do its best to help them. He hoped community members will join the service team to serve the people and work together to contribute efforts for the good of Miri.

The bicycles were sponsored by a local private organisation to Taman RBA Lutong Baru Neighbourhood Watch (RT) as their means of transport for night patrols.

He also praised Taman RBA residents for their unity in setting up its neighbourhood watch team to carry out patrols every night which had local crime successfully reduced.