Hii King Chiong : Majulah Miri Will Assist People In Need To The Best Of Its Ability

24.04.2015--Dato Hii King Chiong said that Majulah Miri was founded not only to provide services to Mirians locally but it also established good relationship with friends in Kuala Lumpur and other places. If anyone is sceptical about the services provided by Majulah Miri, they are always welcome to talk to its leaders.

“Majulah Miri’s service philosophy is very clear and simple which is to reach out to people or groups in need without expecting anything in return. However, some friends whom we assisted showed appreciation with thank-you notices in the newspaper of which we are deeply touched.”

“Majulah Miri expressed heartfelt gratitude to the people for their encouragement and support and pledged to work harder to serve the community.”

Hii admitted that Majulah Miri has its limitations and needs the cooperation and support of the people, local authorities and elected representatives to achieve greater results especially in certain significant and complicated matters.

He stressed that whether it is political parties or community service organisations, both should not differentiate between one another and must emphasise on the people’s interests because both are established to take care of the people’s welfare. If there were people who disagreed on the participation of community service groups or private sector in local development, it would have an adverse effect on the development progress. It might even incite racial hatred, jealousy and hostility which would be detrimental to social harmony and development.

“Our service team consists of councillors, political secretary to the chief minister, professional lawyers, a cadre of leaders in United People’s Party as well as professionals and specialists in various fields. We are good friends, assistants and partners of the Barisan Nasional Government. We strive for local development and uphold altruism. We welcome people of political background who share the common goal in putting people first.”

Hii said Majulah Miri continued to receive signals for help from the people since the beginning of year 2015. There were both public and private issues and we decided to start with problems unresolved for a long time. There were issues involving private lands which caused traffic inconveniences to the public. For instance, Jalan 88 Off Jalan Riam had been poor and unsafe for decades and needed upgrade work without delay. Therefore we requested for the construction to be promptly completed to solve the long-term road infrastructure problem faced by the local residents.

This was followed by the issue of registration card errors of executive taxis where legal adviser Keith Chin immediately verified with the relevant authority and appealed for rectification of the vehicle seating capacity.

Hii thanked all parties for their cooperation and assistance in solving the dilemma of the taxi drivers so that they are able to enhance their service and revenue.

“Daily revenue is important to taxi drivers and we are very happy now that their problems have been solved.”

He continued, “When Muslim friends sought help from Majulah Miri regarding problem faced at their surau, we immediately provided assistance because our philosophy is to help the people regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. Some community leaders said they went to the wrong people for help but I disagree because I serve all members of the public rather than merely individuals.”

Hii said a famous quote of Chinese politician Deng Xiaoping, “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.” Therefore, one is making the right choice to seek help from a community service centre that is passionate in serving the people.