Hii King Chiong : Make Genuine Contribution & Never Deviate From The Mission Of Chinese Independent High School

06.03.2017--Miri Pei Min Middle School Honorary Life Chairman Dato Hii King Chiong said Chinese education is the root of Chinese culture and Chinese independent high schools safeguard the passing down of culture from one generation to another. Combined efforts of everyone would ensure sustainable development of Chinese education in order to pass down and promote Chinese culture.
He said the root of culture ensures existence of an ethnicity and it is important to master the root of culture because dignity of an ethnicity comes from its culture.
Hii pointed out that for 56 years since its establishment, Miri Pei Min Middle School has adhered strictly to the school policy of the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong), that is to prioritise Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) and use Mandarin language as the medium of instruction. It is a traditional Chinese independent high school that has continued to prioritise the interests of students. Under the care and support of enthusiastic Chinese educationists, the school has continued to flourish, further promoting and developing Chinese culture.
He hoped that under the leadership of Pei Min Middle School chairman of the board Khor Ooi Long, the school would achieve another great milestone. He advised the board of directors to run the school well with a humble and genuine attitude and not to deviate from the fundamental mission of the school in order to earn appreciation and respect.
“I am truly honoured to have the trust of the board of directors to serve as Pei Min Middle School Building Committee chairman. To me, Chinese education is similar to my career and family. It needs tender care and attention in order to go further.”
Hii said that lion dance is one of the main fundraisers for Chinese independent high schools. He commended the efforts of the board, staff and students of Pei Min Middle School in successfully raising RM1.25 million this year and also thanked the generous contribution of Chinese educationists and the public.
“I hope Pei Min Middle School can make good use of the hard-earned money which involved a lot of effort and sweat as well as the generosity of the public. What is taken from society should be given back to society. Apart from reporting on the amount of fund raised, we must also clearly explain to the community how each fund is allocated and used to enhance accountability and transparency in school management.”
In addition, he also hoped elected representatives can lead by example and make effort to find out the needs of Chinese independent high schools rather than doing superficial works or stealing credits.
Hii hoped the state government would continue the late Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s good work and allocate funding to help Pei Min Middle School to complete its mission in the construction of new school building and upgrading of the existing learning environment.
He pledged that he would help with the construction of the new school building to the best of his ability so that the project could be completed as soon as possible for the benefits of the students.
“Many people have misunderstood me and thought that I help others for personal gain. That is because they have not seen the real me. With respect to Chinese education, I only dare to say I have served. I dare not say I contributed or sacrificed, because I am not qualified.”
Hii lamented that life is not perfect and one should be courageous to do the right thing without worrying what other people think.
He said he has gained invaluable experience from the previous state election and did not blame anyone for his loss. He said that he might not have done enough to earn full support and he respected the decision of the voters.
“I want to thank my friends and supporters who have stood by me all the way. I truly appreciate your assistance, selflessness and trustworthiness.”
When asked regarding criticism on social media, Hii grinned and said that people who understand you do not need any explanation, but no amount of explanation would satisfy those who do not know you. “It is impossible to be perfect in life and as long as you have a clear conscience and tried your best, there is no need to blame yourself for not doing better.”
Hii also expressed his appreciation towards the criticism, so that he could recognise his weaknesses and identify areas of improvement.
He emphasised that actions prove who someone is and there is no need to give explanation to those who do not like or believe you.