Hii King Chiong : Maybe I Didn’t Do Enough, But Failure Is The Beginning Of Success

08.05.2016--Direct Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for N74 Pujut Dato Hii King Chiong said Majulah Miri has been actively serving the community but the election result showed that the performance of the service team fell short of the people’s expectations. In this regard, Hii, on behalf of all team members, extended sincere apologies to the voters.

He said he respected the decision of the voters and took the failure as the beginning of success.

Hii today told reporters that he might not have done enough to earn full support and win Pujut seat but he respected the decision of the voters. He hoped the elected representative would take good care of Pujut and Krokop residents to improve their quality of life.

He pointed out that he had gained a lot of valuable experience from the defeat. He said he was sorry to have disappointed his supporters.

Asked if the defeat was due to sabotage, Hii said, “A loss is a loss, a win is a win. If voters affirm and recognise you, no amount of slander and smear will be able to make inroads”.

He believed that ‘a wise person does not believe in rumours’. He took full responsibility for the defeat and did not blame anyone.

Asked whether he would continue with social services, Hii grinned cheerfully and said that providing service to the society had long been a part of his life and such was also the teaching of his father and grandfather. Even though he is unable to represent the people in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN), he will continue to do his best to provide assistance in charity and education because he provides services for the well-being of the people rather than for the state election.

He thanked Mirians for their assessment of him, so that he could identify his weaknesses and shortcomings.

“Since the constituents have chosen their preferred candidate, we must wish them well with our deepest blessings and hope that the elected representative will truly fight for the rights and interests of the constituents and help solve their problems.”