Hii King Chiong : No Political Motive Behind Senadin Visits Because “Wherever There Is A Need, I Will Be There”

18.02.2016--United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau chairman Dato Hii King Chiong emphasised “service without borders” and is always ready to serve and help solve the problems of the people to the best of his abilities.

Also Majulah Miri founder, Hii said these to reporters during a site visit to the plot of land for the new Abu Bakar Assadiq Surau in Desa Senadin today. He emphasised that he will always put people first and do his best to solve the problems of the people through either Majulah Miri or UPP.

“There is no political motive for the visits to Senadin. I have merely received request from the local Muslim people for help to build a new surau so that they can enjoy a better worship place.”

Hii said his service philosophy is very simple, i.e., wherever there is a need, he will be there.

He pointed out that although serving the people is the responsibility of elected representatives, sadly there are still many unresolved livelihood issues. If elected representatives had listened to the people and carried out their duties well, Majulah Miri had no reason to exist in the first place.

“When I met the Muslim elders, I was very frustrated as to why the request to build a new surau went unanswered for so many years. The elected representative could have solved the problem if effort was made but finally the responsibility now rests with me.”

Under Hii’s effort, Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem had approved a plot of land for the purpose of building a new surau.

Hii said one must be sincere in serving the people. Empty talk would only result in public anger and loss of confidence.

“I am not a saint and I have my limitations. But whatever I can do, I believe it should not be difficult for the people’s representatives or ministers with their high positions and powers.”

Even though a Christian, Hii had always helped other religions because he perceived all religions as the same at core with good teachings.

He hoped that everyone would put aside personal animosities and put people first regardless of race, religion and ethnicity. “Learn to release clenched fists and stand united for the interests and benefits of the people.”

In the meantime, Hii asked the residents for patience while he continued to follow up on the matter to ensure that the building of the new surau would be implemented as soon as possible.