Hii King Chiong Pledges To Do His Best To Enhance Living Standards

23.04.2016--I will do everything I can to upgrade the living standards at Kampung Pujut Corner to ensure the residents can live better under the care of the Government,” Dato Hii  King Chiong pledged.

Upon the requests from the residents, Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Pujut constituency, Hii visited Kampung Pujut Corner to find out more about the livelihood issues. Along with him were the councillors, Keith Chin and Bruce Chai and members of Majulah Miri.

During the meeting with the residents, Hii emphasized that Majulah Miri serves without boundaries and limits. As long as people seek for help, they will certainly attend to and help them as far as they can, without refusing anyone.  This has always been their aim in servicing the people.

“Due to the long term negligence to infrastructure in Kampung Pujut Corner, people are having difficult times and I am truly agonized. I really hope that I will be given the chance to serve and to provide the residents with better and complete living environment. Please grant me an opportunity to serve the people better, please support Team Adenan.”

“All these years Majulah Miri has been assisting the people to solve their issues without expecting anything in return. We look for your full support and backing in the coming election so that we can contribute more to the society and fight for more rights for the people,” added Hii.

On the other hand, Chai stated that Hii has been serving the people regardless of their religions, races and backgrounds. He helps the people whenever the need arises without hesitation. He is a good example of a leader who walks the talk, whom the people should honor and support.

He called for the support from the people so that Hii can continue to play a bigger role in helping the people as their representative.

Besides, Chin stated that Majulah Miri was established to take care of the people’s welfare. As long as it is within their ability, they will do all they can to provide assistance because the people’s benefit prevails all.