Hii King Chiong Pledges To Fully Focus On Pujut Constituency’s Development

03.05.2016--Pujut constituents feel hard done by as the constituency has been regarded by others as a black area. Direct Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Pujut Dato Hii King Chiong has pledged to do his very best to bring improvement and changes to Pujut constituency if he gets elected in this state election.

He said he and his team would focus on the livelihood issues of Pujut constituents, improve basic infrastructure and enhance security measures in the area.

Hii put great emphasis on ensuring a good living environment for the people. This is the reason why he has been walking all over Miri to visit Pujut, Senadin and Piasau constituencies and helping people regardless of race, ethnicity and religion. “I feel upset when I see people suffering and will do my best to help the people in need.”

“Since I established Majulah Miri five years ago, I have organised a team together with a group of professionals to serve the people in need.” Hii said their service philosophy was very simple – where there is a need, we will be there to help.

He also reminded voters not to let their emotions rule their decisions in this state election. He appealed to them to vote for Team Adenan of BN for guaranteed development and progress.

Hii emphasised that the people are the real boss and elected representatives work for the people. If he gets elected in this state election, he will do his best to provide assistance to the people in need.