Hii King Chiong Promises To Assist In Application Of Land For Relocation

26.04.2015--Community service centre Majulah Miri’s leader Dato Hii King Chiong was concerned about the safety of a household living on the hillside of Kampung Lereng Bukit. He promised to assist her in the application of land for relocation to a safer living place.

Rosia Usop lives in a wooden house on the hillside for 15 years. Due to poverty, she could not afford to repair the shabby house and broken roof. Whenever it rains, water would flow directly into the house.

She said whenever there is a downpour, they would be forced to take shelter at a relative’s house nearby. They would go back to clean their house after the rain stops.

The local residents requested for Hii’s assistance. After inspection, he realised that the house is unsafe to live in and the family needs to move to a safer place.

He said that Majulah Miri would help Rosia apply for a land lot from the Land and Survey Department for relocation purpose.