Hii King Chiong Promises To Repair Bridge And Road To Ensure Safety Of Squatters

16.04.2016--Direct Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Pujut Dato Hii King Chiong today visited Pujut 3 squatter area by the river to inspect a broken wooden bridge and immediately promised to repair the old wooden bridge and lay gravel stones on the road.

During Hii’s inspection visit, squatters approached and requested him to help repair the wooden bridge and road. Hii immediately agreed to help as part of his effort to upgrade basic infrastructure in Pujut constituency.

The 500-metre bridge connects Pujut 3 squatter area to Pujut 4 squatter area. There were about 200 people living at Pujut 3 squatter area. The bridge was in very bad condition and might cause injury to users.

The media was shooting photo this morning when the bridge collapsed as it failed to bear the weight of several people. Fortunately the reporters were able to react fast and escaped unhurt.

Hii said they would help improve infrastructure including the maintenance of road and bridge at Pujut 3 squatter area. Repair of the wooden bridge was urgently needed to prevent accidents and injuries.

He was speaking to the media today after his inspection visit to Pujut 3 squatter area together with United People’s Party (UPP) Pujut chairman councillor Bruce Chai, UPP Senadin chairman councillor Keith Chin, UPP Piasau acting chairman Christopher Sim and others.

Hii was nominated by the chief minister as direct BN candidate for Pujut and therefore shouldered the heavy responsibility to win back Pujut seat.

Confronted with a new situation, new problems and new challenges, Hii pledged to do his very best to improve basic infrastructure, security and livelihood issues in Pujut constituency with the objective to uplift the quality of life of the people.