Hii King Chiong Promises To Upgrade Infrastructure At Kampung Pujut Corner

23.04.2016--The leader of Majulah Miri, Dato Hii King Chiong will commence the improvement projects at Kampung Pujut Corner and reinforce the public facilities to improve the living standards of the residents.

Hii, the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Pujut constituency, was welcomed by the residents when he visited Kampung Pujut Corner with other members from Majulah Miri to grasp the people’s livelihood issues.

According to the residents, although there are around 200 people living there, no one ever shows solicitude to them. It is honoured that now Hii paid a visit personally.

Not only that the public toilets are badly damaged, the road conditions are not ideal too. The residents hope that Majulah Miri can help them to improvise such conditions and upgrade the village’s facilities including building a meeting place.

Also, the people hoped that Majulah Miri can assist them to fight for the title deeds for their lands so that they can then live without worries.

“I will commence the improvement projects for the residents, but for some technical issues which have been accumulated for a long time I seek for your patience because I need time to handle them,” said Hii after his site visits.

The residents expressed that they hoped Hii can provide them aid in many aspects, including upgrading the roads and improving the infrastructure.

“Due to the uneven surfaces with road puddles, it is very inconvenient for our children to go to school. They are often late to school with their stained and wet uniform especially during rainy days.”

There is no place for the residents to get together and communicate. In connection with this the residents hoped that Hii will be able to sponsor the building materials for them to construct the meeting place.

Majulah Miri’s visit was warmly welcomed. The residents expressed their gratitude for Hii’s visit to their village and also committed their full support to Hii.