Hii King Chiong : Reality Prevails Over Eloquence, Truth Will Soon Be Revealed

30.09.2016--Reality prevails over eloquence,  the truth will be revealed through the court one day!

Dato Hii King Chiong politely declined media interview after the court session but he issued a statement saying that Ting Tiong Choon’s “dual citizenship” case received much attention and many people could not wait to know the outcome of the judgement.

He hoped that through the litigation, the people would clearly understand that Ting Tiong Choon does not qualify to be a state assemblyman and was not eligible to participate in the state election.

As the court session had just begun on the case this morning, he said he would not make any further remark in order to be respectful towards the court.

“I will not emulate the actions of Ting Tiong Choon or other members of The Democratic Action Party (DAP) in giving false and groundless statements regarding the case. I only hope that the truth will be revealed as soon as possible to let the people know clearly that Ting Tiong Choon does not qualify to be a state assemblyman.”