Hii King Chiong Shares Sufferings Of Krokop Residents On Drainage Woes And Pledges To Help The People

26.08.2015--Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong pledged to do his best to help upgrade the drainage system in Krokop area.

Hii was speaking to the media after visiting the drainage project in Krokop 3 today together with councillor Bruce Chai, councillor Keith Chin and others.

He pointed out that public complaints received were referred to the city council and the issues were solved promptly on every occasion.

“Krokop residents need not worry. I will do my very best to help solve the drainage and flooding problems. I share the sufferings and worries of the local residents on the drainage woes especially during rainy days. Hence, I will try to work out the ways to help improve the living environment of the residential area.”

Majulah Miri received complaints from residents on the poor drainage system in early March. The problem was referred to the city council by councillor Bruce Chai and councillor Keith Chin. The upgrading work has started last week.

A Krokop 3 resident Wong Lee-Sen reassured the residents not to worry as he believed Hii will definitely help improve and solve problems of the people.

He said that there was no such thing as a ‘black area’ if the various problems of the people had been taken care of. He pointed out that the poor drainage system in Krokop 3 would cause flooding during heavy downpours.

“We could not sleep at ease when it rains at night because we are worried rainwater would flood into our houses when we wake up from sleep. Once the upgrading work is completed, we can finally sleep worry-free until dawn.”

He added that rainwater would cover the ditches in front of houses and pose danger to road users especially at night.