Hii King Chiong : The Ultimate Goal In Joining Politics Is To Contribute And Serve The People

24.04.2015--United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau branch chairman Dato Hii King Chiong said that it was heartening to see the coming together of both UPP and Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) under the Barisan Nasional (BN) flagship to show concern on the issue of relocation of Kampung Merikan Tiga squatters. He hoped that both parties will continue to work together and make more contributions to the people.

Hii told reporters during a gathering today at Kampung Merikan Tiga that the ultimate goal in joining politics is to solve problems of the people and improve their quality of life. Under the BN flagship, there must not be differentiation and all parties should work as a team for a better future.

He emphasised that the coming together of both parties’ members to help the villagers today was the best example in making contributions to the people without differentiating between parties.

Hii said before UPP was established, he has led Majulah Miri and served the people for many years. Although Majulah Miri is a non-governmental organisation, it will try and do the best as long as it is within its ability.

He hoped that UPP, Majulah Miri and other parties can work together to do more for the people, solve their problems and improve their quality of life.