Hii King Chiong Urges Residents To Cherish Road To Curtin After Cleanup Work

02.09.2015--Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong stressed that while the rubbish and drainage problems near Curtin University Sarawak had been solved, the people can still continue to approach Majulah Miri if their services are required and Hii vowed to do his best to give assistance.

Majulah Miri assisted to quickly solve the problem of scattered rubbish along the road to the second entrance to Curtin University Sarawak campus and restore the original condition of the new road within a week.

Majulah Miri earlier brought in an excavator to build a drain by the roadside to flush water from the drains into the main storm drain.

Hii and his service team today went to inspect the site and everyone was pleased with the cleanup work. Also present were councillor Bruce Chai, councillor Keith Chin, Lawrence Kong and Curtin University Sarawak’s chief operating officer (COO) Kingsley F. Charles.

Hii said they made the visit mainly to check on the progress of cleanup work and he was very pleased to see that the rubbish had been cleared and the drain was properly built.

He hoped the residents would cherish and use the newly cleaned road properly and refrain from littering on the road.

He also advised against dumping rubbish by the roadside because caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Rubbish not only adversely affects the environment but its stench would choke the nearby residents and Curtin students.

Majulah Miri received complaints one after another from residents and Curtin representative. The service team returned to the site to understand the situation on August 17 and decided to help solve the problem immediately.

In order to solve flooding problem in Curtin campus, Majulah Miri brought in an excavator to construct a drain by the roadside to flush water smoothly from the campus out to the main storm drain.

The cleanup work took just a week's time but solved the problem of ‘rubbish road’ for over a year. A big heap of rubbish along about half kilometre of the road released horrible smell. There were also broken glass and nails posing threat to road users.