Hii King Chiong : We Aim To Serve The People Regardless Of Race & Ethnicity

23.04.2016--Don’t you worry if you need assistance; not only the people in Pujut area, we serve all the Mirians regardless of areas and races,” said Dato Hii King Chiong from Majulah Miri.

During the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting at SK Pujut Corner Miri, he reassured that he will do his utmost in his mission to serve and benefit fellow Mirians.

Also, he called for the continuous support to the PTA from the parents in all aspects to achieve academic excellence and nurture more outstanding students as the pillars of the nation.

Besides that, the chairman of SK Pujut Corner Miri’s PTA requested for donations amounting to RM100,000 from Hii from Majulah Miri to fund the students’ activities.

“Our school was established in 1965; most of the facilities are damaged and the school buildings are run-down and now we have to upgrade and enhance what we currently have.”

During the meeting, the chairman credited the improvement of the school facilities and reputation of the school to the principal, Cik Suriyati Binti Amit.

“The teachers and students work together to achieve remarkable results in improving and enhancing the school academic results and facilities of the school.”

“Hii is a man of generosity who has been actively helping with schools, temples and the disadvantaged bodies and we hope that he will also provide the school with great assistance,” the chairman added.