Hii King Chiong Will Not Stand In By-Election

19.05.2017--The Pujut state by-election has been set for July 4 but Dato Hii King Chiong, who once contested in the constituency as a direct Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, has confirmed that he will not participate in the by-election.

Hii said in an interview that he did not intend to stand in the by-election because he felt he still had few shortcomings and therefore should let other capable person to serve the people.

With regard to the disqualification of Dr Ting Tiong Choon as a member of the State Legislative Assembly (DUN), Hii responded saying ,“Facts speak louder than words”.

Hii said that the main reason he filed the petition earlier was to prohibit illegitimate individual from entering Sarawak politics. The truth has now been revealed and it proved that his earlier action was made in good faith rather than acted like a sore loser.

“The petition was dismissed on technical grounds of failure in compliance with the regulations on submission of election petition. The legal proceedings did not reach the stage where substantive matter was being examined. I could have exercised my right to appeal but I chose to give up and not further complicate the issue. I believe truth will always be revealed sooner or later.”

Hii said some voters had misunderstandings against him, thinking that he had acted like a sore loser in filing the election petition. However, the single reason he filed the petition was to prohibit illegitimate individual from entering Sarawak politics.

He had expected becoming a “target” of the supporters of the other party but he proceeded with the petition for only one purpose, to reveal the truth.

“Many people think that I will contest again in this by-election. Actually I won’t, because the voters had already expressed their wish in the last state election and I respect their decision.”

Hii said that all are equal before the law and Dr Ting can always produce evidence or relevant legal documents to prove his innocence if he insists he has not contravened the provision of the constitution.

He pointed out that he would do anything he felt was right with a clear conscience despite possibly facing misunderstanding by some people.

“Nobody is perfect and it was impossible to make everyone happy. If you are standing upright, there is no need to worry.”

Hii said he learned about his shortcomings from the last state election which explained why he did not receive full support and win Pujut seat. However, he said he would continue to do his best to provide services and assistance to the people regardless of political participation. He also hoped the people will generously offer advice and suggestions so that he can improve and do better.