Majulah Miri Contributes Towards Education Through Upgrading School Facilities

03.09.2015--Majulah Miri made contribution towards education! In addition to donating air-conditioners to SK Sayed Othman, it also assisted to solve problems of stagnant water and insufficient toilets for the benefits of the teachers and students.

Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong said that regretfully some local issues had long been neglected by relevant authorities and elected representatives. He pledged to do the best of his ability to give assistance.

He was visiting SK Sayed Othman today after which he addressed the media.

He vowed to do the best of his ability and hoped ministers and elected representatives can work together with Majulah Miri to serve the people.

Apart from sponsoring three air conditioners to SK Sayed Othman, Hii also presented five lorries of gravel to repair car park compound and pathways. He also promised to build two new toilets for the teachers.

Majulah Miri is a non-profit organisation founded to take care of the people’s needs and help solve their problems which are neglected by elected representatives.

He thanked the government authorities for their assistance and the people for their trust and support that enabled the service centre to successfully accomplish various tasks and missions. He also pledged to continue making contributions to the society, taking care of the local people’s needs and protecting their interests.

SK Sayed Othman has a history of more than 50 years since it was established in 1959. The school finally obtained assistance after seeking help from Majulah Miri founder Hii.

A teacher of SK Sayed Othman pointed out that the air conditioners in the teachers’ office has been faulty for three years and school facilities have not been upgraded for a long time. He said that the teachers have been using fans for three years and once the air-conditioners are installed, they will be able to enjoy a more comfortable office environment.

Moreover, once the school compound is resurfaced, the problem of stagnant water on rainy days will be solved. The building of new toilets for the teachers will also ease the problem of insufficient toilets.

SK Sayed Othman has 29 teachers and 285 students. Once the facilities are upgraded, the teachers and students can enjoy a better learning environment.