Majulah Miri Helps To Clear Up Road Full Of Scattered Rubbish

17.08.2015--Following residents’ repeated requests for help, Majulah Miri today returned to the new road to Curtin University Sarawak where rubbish was scattered and immediately assisted to clear up the road and drains so that Senadin residents can enjoy a cleaner and better living environment.

Majulah Miri team, led by Dato Hii King Chiong, today went to the site with an excavator and a lorry to help clear up the mess.

Hii explained that Majulah Miri returned to the site to provide assistance after receiving complaints from the residents that their requests to the relevant authority were not given due attention.

Hii expressed concern on the matter which was neglected by the relevant authority and had no option but to immediately lend a helping hand for the sake of public health.

He said Majulah Miri’s service philosophy is very clear, that is to readily attend to and solve the problems of the people.

He expressed his disappointment over the accusation that Majulah Miri was ‘stealing the limelight’ in helping to clear up the rubbish in Senadin. He found it unreasonable that one should not provide service to areas other than his own, especially since the rubbish problem was neglected for such a long time.

Hii said the stench of the rubbish was unbearable and the repeated complaints from residents were an indisputable fact. Since the authority turned a blind eye on the matter, Majulah Miri acted to help solve the problem.

He emphasised that a people’s representative should do the best to solve problems of the people regardless of location and let actions do the talking.

He pointed out that there is no need for Majulah Miri to do any ‘homework’ in providing service because wherever and whenever help is needed, Majulah Miri will be there to do the best for the people.

Hii admitted that Majulah Miri has its limitations and is constantly learning and improving. He hoped everyone can put aside animosity and work together in serving the people.

He said that one should serve the people regardless of location. If everyone can unite and put people first, all problems of the people accumulated over decades will definitely be gradually solved.

The drains near Curtin University Sarawak were full of plants and grass and no action has been taken for many years. Whenever it rains heavily, flash flood would occur due to blocked drains. The scattered rubbish by the roadside has greatly affected the cleanliness and surrounding environment.

The cleanup work has started and is expected to be completed within a week after which the residents can enjoy a cleaner living environment.