Majulah Miri Pledges To Assist Seventy Squatter Families In Pujut

27.04.2016--Seventy squatter families in Pujut constituency have been living in harsh conditions and Majulah Miri has pledged to help relocate them to a new settlement area in Tudan.

The seventy families are from three different areas, i.e., Pujut 6 squatter area, Kampung Pujut and Pujut 8 squatter area by the river. The squatters submitted their information and requested for assistance during a meet-and-greet session between Dato Hii King Chiong and the people yesterday night.

Majulah Miri person in charge Keith Chin said Land and Survey Miri had earlier launched a survey to collect information of the squatters and the residents in these squatter areas would eventually be resettled.

Chin referred the residents’ request to Hii and arranged their meeting with Hii yesterday night during which the squatters handed over their information to him.

A lot of the squatters came from other districts and built squatter houses to live in due to financial constraints. They are all eligible voters.

Hii promised to help them to expedite approval for resettlement so that they can build their homes on better locations, enjoy basic amenities and infrastructure and improve their quality of life.