Majulah Miri Thanks Miri Coffee Shops Association Members For Assistance

28.06.2015--Guest-of-honour Dato Hii King Chiong said Majulah Miri service team has effectively gathered the voice and demands of the people in coffee shops. Hii said this in his speech tonight during the 39th anniversary cum welcome banquet organised by Miri Coffee Shops Association at Boulevard Restaurant.

“On behalf of my service team, I would like to express our highest gratitude and respect to all coffee shop owners for lending us your spaces, tables and chairs. Without assistance from fellow friends of Miri Coffee Shops Association, we might have to stand on ‘kaki lima’ or the streets to meet the people.”

He lauded Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak and Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Haji Adenan Satem who recently visited people and places all over Sarawak and mingled with people in coffee shops and hawker centres to listen to their comments and requests.

He pointed out that their efforts made the people feel good. The people were also gratified when Chief Minister announced during Miri City Day 10th Anniversary celebration a RM10-million allocation for Miri for the purpose of upgrading local infrastructure which included gardens, roads, drainage systems, bridges and other maintenance expenditure.

“We are well aware that since Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Haji Adenan Satem took office, he has requested for more fund allocations for the state and showed great concern towards people’s problems. Once fund is allocated, projects can immediately kick-start. We must thank our Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Haji Adenan Satem.”

He disclosed that there were however people with personal motives fishing in muddy waters, taking advantages and stealing credits through the media which infuriated members of the public and led to villagers declaring through the newspapers on suggestion of credit stealing by someone who tried to mislead the people and also who the real benefactor was on the matter of bridge construction and road repair.

He admitted that Majulah Miri as a service centre has its limitation and thus works together with United People’s Party (UPP) to serve the people more efficiently. He pointed out that some complicated and bigger problems would need the strength of political party to solve. For instance, it was upsetting when the service centre worked hard to solve some problems that were neglected for over 20 years but some people abused their power to deliberately make it difficult and thereafter steal credit when the problems were successfully solved.

Hii hoped everyone will support his team and work together to achieve greater results and a better future.