Road Flooding Complaints By Residents To No Avail, Hii King Chiong Promises To Upgrade Road

26.04.2015--Road flooding problems had troubled residents at Kampung Lereng Bukit for a long time. After many requests for assistance to the minister went unanswered, residents turned to community service centre Majulah Miri for help. Majulah Miri’s leader Dato Hii King Chiong made an inspection on the area and promised to upgrade the dirt road by laying stones in the near future.

Abu Bakar, a local villager residing there for more than three decades, said that the entrance road to the village faces the Miri-Pujut Road. Whenever it rains, the road would be clogged with water preventing villagers to go back home.

He said that the front of the residential area is dirt road which is lower than the main road. Therefore, the dirt road would be clogged with water very soon after downpours, posing inconveniences and threats to road users.

He revealed that previously local residents had repeatedly sought assistance from the minister but to no avail.

After the inspection by Hii and Majulah Miri team members, Hii immediately promised to upgrade the 60-metre dirt road by laying stones in the near future.

Meanwhile, the storm drain in Kampung Lereng Bukit is now overgrown with wild vegetation which blocks flowing water and becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Villagers had forwarded the problem to Councillor Bruce Chai who is also a team member of Majulah Miri.

Chai said he had taken photos of the situation and reflected the matter to the relevant authority, appealing for immediate clearing and flushing of the drain.