Upgrading Work At Tudan Phase 3-5 And Desa Pujut

06.03.13--After waiting for almost 10 years, residents of Tudan Phase 3,4,5 and Desa Pujut Permyjaya will enjoyed a shorter ride once a new bridge and a tar - sealed roads linking both area completed soon.

This was annouced by Assistant Minister of Communication Datuk Lee Kim Shin during at symbolic earth breaking ceremony at Tudan 5 this morning.

According to Datuk Lee, the new 25 meter long concrete bridge is a joint community project between Public Works Department (PWD), Miri City Council (MCC), Hii King Chiong Service Centre (HKC SC) and the Village Committee. PWD will provides materials and the technical layout plan while HKC SC will assist on seeking financial supports. Meanwhile MCC and the Village Committee will monitored and ensure the project runs smoothly.

He said that upon completion, the bridge would shortened the journey from Tudan 5 to Permyjaya. The current wooden bridge is one of the main exit route for Tudan 4 and 5 residents especially in sending their children to schools located at Permyjaya and nearby areas.
Besides the new bridge will accommodate vehicles, namely cars compared to the current bridge which can only accommodate motorcycles and pedestrians.

“This community project is a smart partnership between PWD, MCC, HKC SC and also the Village Committee. Once completed, it will shorted their journey and they can also drives their cars here”, Datuk Lee said and later expressed his gratitude to MCC and HKC SC on their proactive attitudes in serving the community.

Datuk Lee site visit also includes MCC Mayor Cr Lawrance Lai, local philanthropist Mr Hii King Chiong, PWD Assistant Divisional Engineer Mr Ting Sie Lok, MCC senior officers, PBB Pujut Branch Chairman Abu Bakar Hj Amit, PEKIDA Miri Chairman, Sarbini Japar, HKC SC personnel and members of the media.

Their arrival was given a warm welcome by Tudan 5 Village Committee Members led by its representative, Ayahanda Lias Julaihi and villagers from both Tudan 4,5 and also residents from Desa Pujut Permyjaya.

When asked to elaborate HKC SC participation on the project, “we received requests from the villagers few months back and they ask us to built a bigger bridge. We responded and i contacted Datuk Lee regarding the requests. We agreed to undertake this so - called community project together with PWD, MCC and the community here. This is part of a solid combination of teamworks”, Mr Hii revealed.

Meanwhile Datuk Lee also said that PWD needed at least RM60,000 to upgrade the said road and he also allocated a MRP grant amounting RM10,000 to the village working committee for the construction of the new bridge.

MCC on the other hand will installed street lightning, using solar energy, along the 500 meter stretch of the new route from the bridge to Permyjaya.

Nor Matter Rain or Shine...Although it was raining but Datuk Lee (left), Mr Ting (right), Mr Hii (2nd right), Mr Lawrance (3rd right) and the villagers took their time to have closer look on the road linking to Desa Pujut Permyjaya.

Datuk Lee and other guests were briefed on the project layout by Mr Ting (partly hidden).


Working Together...The local philanthropist Mr Hii together with his workmate, Ayahanda Lias Julaihi posed for the cameras at the site.

The current wooden bridge  lingking Tudan 5 and Desa Pujut Permyjaya. This one way bridge can only accommodate motorcycles and pedestrians.