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Hii King Chiong Assists To Have Registration Card Errors Of 10 Executive Taxis Rectified In Two Weeks

01.04.2015--Majulah Miri assisted in appealing to the relevant authority to have registration card errors of 10 executive taxis rectified.

Hii King Chiong : Service Without Borders, Always Put People First!

31.03.2015--Majulah Miri team leader, Dato Hii King Chiong, said that re-delineation of state constituencies is to provide more comprehensive care to the needs of the local people and not for representatives to selfishly care only for their own constituencies. He further explained that if the elected representatives had performed their duties and put the people first, there was no reason for the establishment of Majulah Miri.

What Elected Representatives Cannot Do, I, Hii King Chiong “Can”!

29.03.2015--Majulah Miri service team leader, Dato Hii King Chiong, said it is the responsibility of social service groups to solve problems of the people! He will always put the people first and render assistance to the best of his abilities.

Miri Sha Jiang Believers Association Celebrates Its Founding, Invites Hii King Chiong As Guest-Of-Honour

28.03.2015--Miri Sha Jiang Believers Association was approved and registered by The Registry of Societies Malaysia in July 2014. The 1st committee members swearing in and installation ceremony cum founding celebration dinner will be held at 6:30pm on 6 May 2015 (Wednesday) at Boulevard Restaurant.

Residents Thank Hii King Chiong For Upgrading Jalan 88 Off Jalan Riam

27.03.2015--Residents at Jalan 88 Off Jalan Riam thanked Dato Hii King Chiong and councillor Bruce Chai for fulfilling their promise as the road is finally upgraded and the 30-year road infrastructure problem is solved.

Hii King Chiong : Demands Of The People Must Not Be Ignored, Residents Have Rights To Good Road Infrastructure

23.03.2015--For Riam residents to enjoy better road infrastructure, even if elected representatives and council do nothing, I, Hii King Chiong, will never ignore the demands of the people.”

Hii King Chiong Calls On Members To Have Rational Thinking And Attitudes

16.03.2015--Honorary Life Advisor of Miri Chinese Association, Dato Hii King Chiong, called on members to have rational thinking and attitudes towards cultural development of multiracial nation, unity of the people and tolerance towards religions while promoting Chinese culture.

Hii King Chiong : Lens Records Moments And Images, Photographers Are Witnesses To History!

15.03.2015--Moments and images recorded by lens will be records of history in future; photographers are witnesses to history and many renowned people recorded their fine works through lens.”

Hii King Chiong Urges Members To Uphold Their Philosophy To Help The Disadvantaged Groups In Overcoming Difficulties

15.03.2015--Honorary Life President of Miri Zhang Shen Welfare Association, Dato Hii King Chiong, hoped association members will uphold their philosophy to provide social services and assist the disadvantaged groups in overcoming their difficulties.

Relatives And Friends Attend Funeral Service Of Datin Loh Leh Huong

10.03.2015--Rev Kong Chong Ling of Masland Fu Yuan Methodist Church said Datin Loh Leh Huong used to worship God in church and dedicated herself to God. The church thanked God for her lifetime’s devotion.