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Hii King Chiong : Hawkers Stimulate Economic Vitality And We Cannot Live Without You!

18.11.2014--The Honorary Life Advisor of National Federation of Hawkers and Petty Traders Association, The Federation of Sarawak Hawkers’ Association and Miri United Hawkers Association Dato Hii King Chiong said that hawkers are respected for their services to the society and contribution towards economic vitality. Hawkers provide essential materials so that society can prepare servings. Without them, it would be disastrous and so Hii has always told hawker friends, “We cannot live without you!”.

Hii King Chiong : Tolerant and Caring Is The Greatest Driving Force In Social Harmony & Progress

18.11.2014-- Tolerant and caring members of society is the greatest driving force in social harmony and progress. The move by National Federation of Hawkers and Petty Traders Association to raise education funds through 1118 National Hawkers Day celebration is a virtuous event and fine example”, said the association’s Honorary Life Advisor Dato Hii King Chiong in his speech on the 42nd national representatives meeting.

Hii King Chiong : Hawkers Play Significant Role In Local Culture & Prosperity

18.11.2014--The Honorary Life Advisor of Federation of Sarawak Hawkers’ Association Dato Hii King Chiong said that the state of local culture, prosperity and tourism could be gauged from the level of services and hospitality rendered by eateries, traders and hawkers. Therefore, the service and attitude of hawkers has significant bearing in the building of an honest and friendly community.

Hii King Chiong : Echoing Call By The Chief Minister, Institutionalise Fund Allocations To Chinese Schools

14.11.2014--The Chief Minister of Sarawak Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem recently announced the funding of Chinese schools, which is very encouraging to all. I hope that the government will institutionalise allocation of funds for the development of Chinese schools”, said the Honorary Life Chairman of the Board of Pei Min Middle School Miri, Dato Hii King Chiong on the school’s graduation ceremony.

Hunyuan Hexiang Zhuang Qigong Association 1119 Celebration, Dato Hii King Chiong Invited As Guest-Of-Honour

12.11.2014--The Miri Hunyuan Hexiang Zhuang Qigong Association is organising the 1119 Celebration at Pei Min exercise station at 7:00pm on 19 November 2014 (Wednesday) and has invited association’s Honorary President And Advisor Dato Hii King Chiong to be the guest-of-honour for the grand event.

Miri Musical Society Charity Singing Competition, Dato Hii King Chiong As Guest-Of-Honour

12.11.2014--To promote cultural and recreational activities as well as to promote friendship and networking, Miri Musical Society is organising ‘President PBK Hii Teck Yun Elite Chinese Singing Charity Challenge Cup’ and ‘Chairman Ting Pang Soon Elite Children Chinese Singing Challenge Cup’ on 21 & 22 November 2014 at Boulevard Restaurant, Miri (2nd Floor).

Hii King Chiong : Parties Must Stop Attacking Each Other, ‘Serving The People’ Be The Primary Objective

12.11.2014--United Peoples’ Party (UPP) Piasau pro tem chairman Dato Hii King Chiong said that one should not discredit others for self interests. As long as the objective is to genuinely serve the people, one should not be troubled by the existence of new parties or worried about losing grounds.

Opening Ceremony of UPP Northern Region Headquarters

12.11.2014--United Peoples’ Party (UPP) Northern Region headquarters today held an opening ceremony and there were hundreds present to witness the event.

Hii King Chiong : Collaborate & Expand, Chinese Community To Rally & Establish Common Goals

2.11.2014--Dato Hii King Chiong believed leadership training camp is a very practical and effective activity. He hoped for more similar training programs to drive Chinese associations to collaborate and expand further and Chinese society to rally and establish common goals for good interactive relationship.

Hii King Chiong : Singing Has Huge Potential, Malaysian Singers Can Become Superstars.

24.10.2014--The Honorary President of Miri Harmony Cultural Society Dato Hii King Chiong believed that singing has huge space for development in Malaysia compared to Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries. With concerted efforts in discovering and nurturing talents, it is possible for local singers to become international superstars.