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Earth-Filling Of SJK (C) Chiaw Nam

Local philanthropist, Mr Hii King Chiong who is also SJK (C) Chiaw Nam School's Deputy Board Chairman today announced that the school which is currently located in Marudi will be relocated to Taman Tunku.He said this during a site visit to monitor the earth-filling works. Once completed, the new school which will be built on a 10 acres land will have four blocks of modern learning hall including other basic infrastructure facilities.On the first phase of construction, one of the four block comprising 18 classrooms will built with a cost of RM2.5 million.

A Sincere Apology...

12.03.13-- “On behalf of the construction team, I wish to express my sincere apology to the public concerned. This new route means something to them especially the residents of Taman Tunku. I feel very regret with the delay. We have try our very best to avoid such unhealthy situation. The delay was due to several unforeseen factors and now we managed to overcome the problems”, expressed local philanthropist Mr Hii King Chiong to the media personnel who accompanied him during a site visit of the ongoing Taman Tunku bypass road expansion project.

The Poor And Their Interests Will Never Be Neglected..

11.03.13--"I will never forget Mr Hii King Chiong kindness and generous support. I will remember until the end of my life. I am very grateful and would like to thanks to him, without his kind contribution our family will not be able to build a new home like this. I have several times apply assistance from the relevant authority to rebuild my old house but all my application were never been entertained. I then forward my plight to En.Hii during his visit here November last year, and he agreed to deliver the aid. Today I feel very grateful”, expressed En.Siri Bin Shebli at a simple handing over ceremony of keys to his new home in Kpg Pulau Melayu this morning.

Upgrading Work At Tudan Phase 3-5 And Desa Pujut

06.03.13--After waiting for almost 10 years, residents of Tudan Phase 3,4,5 and Desa Pujut Permyjaya will enjoyed a shorter ride once a new bridge and a tar - sealed roads linking both area completed soon.

Serving The Hawkers...

06.03.13--Miri City Council (MCC) and Hii King Chiong Service Centre (HKC SC) has agreed to set up additional canopies to accommodate the increase number of night hawkers at the Pasar Malam Saberkas. As to date the city council had just approved another 26 new permits and they will move in once the roofing project completed by end of next month.

Chinese New Year Open House.

23.02.13--A total of 20 thousand people from various ethic and religious beliefs attended Mr Hii King Chiong's Chinese New Year Open House last evening. The event was organized by Fonsen Group of Companies, a company owned by Mr Hii who was also the founder of Hii King Chiong Service Centre.

Chinese New Year Gathering With NSJA

19.02.13--Mr King Chiong Hii treated members of the Northern Sarawak Journalist Association (NSJA) in a Chinese New Year Dinner Gathering held at a leading hotel here last night.

Visiting To Methodist Children Home

07.02.13--The Board od Management, volunteers and occupants of the Methodist Children Home (MCH) were delighted when their home was visited by a generous local businessman, Mr En. King Chiong Hii this morning.

Mr Hii Visited Pasar Gong Xi Fat Chai

04.02.13--Mr Hii King Chiong suprice visit to the Pasar Gong Xi Fat Chai night market last evening was given a warm welcome by hawkers and the genearal public.

Strengthened Unity and Instill Integrity..

02.02.13--“Let us uphold and strengthen our spirit of unity, no matter who we are and what our belief is. Let us celebrate the coming Chinese New Year with joy and together we walk hand in hand in making Miri a more dynamic and develope city to live in.”