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Christmas Visit

25.12.12 - Mr Hii King Chiong and Datuk Lee Kim Shin fulfill the festive holiday today by visiting Christian friends to wish them a Merry Christmas greeting.

He Listen To The People Plight.

24.12.12.- For his today morning breakfast, Mr Hii King Chiong visited the Centre Market early this morning. During this visit, he has the pleasure to meet the hawkers and had a nice chit chat with some of his best friends.

Mr.Hii Visited Open Air Market

 Mr Hii King Chiong who is the Malaysian Hawkers Association Advisor this morning made a "meet - the people" session at the Miri Open Air Market. During his short visit, he was briefed on certain problems faced by the hawkers

90% Completed - A Work Well Done.

22.12.12. -  Last month SK Lutong Parent Teachers Association (PTA) appealed assistance from Miri City Council (MCC) to upgrade a road linking to the school. 

Guest Of Honor - BEM Christmas Open House

22.12.12. - Mr Hii King Chiong today received a warm welcome by members of the Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM) Lutong Community Church. He was the guest of honor BEM Christmas Open House held at BEM Lutong Community Church this morning.

An Open Apology From RTM Sarawak

22.12.12--RTM Sarawak on Friday made their apology to Mr Hii King Chiong which was broadcasted live on RTM 1 'Berita Wilayah Jam 5 Petang Edisi Sabah Sarawak' news edition.

A Better Place To Trade

20.12.12--None halal hawkers at Tamu Pujut will moved to a better place soon after the construction on the new site completed.

A Better Place For Better Earning.

20.12.12--Traders at the Pasar Malam Saberkas will enjoyed a better environment when the RM400,000.00 roofing project completed soon. The good news was announced by Miri City Mayor (MCC), Cr Lawrance Lai this morning who was accompanied by Mr.Hii King Chiong on their site visit to various locations around the city.

Parking Space of Miri Ba'at Sen Believers Association

20.12.12--The request from Miri Ba'at Sen Believers Association to have additional parking space at their temple's premises in Krokop today received overwhelming response from Miri City Mayor (MCC), Cr Lawrance Lai.

Upgrading of Krokop’s Kindergarten

20.12.12--Mr.Hii King Chiong, the founder of Hii King Chiong Service Centre (HKC SC) and Miri City Council(MCC) Mayor Cr Lawrance Chia today made a site visit to Krokop’s Kindergarten near here.